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Services That We Offer

Our Speech-Language Therapists have experience in the treatment of children and adults with speech, language and swallowing challenges. We combine evidence on best treatments with thoughtful individual care, to ensure the best treatment outcomes.

Paediatric Speech Therapy

Speech and language delays, Congenital disorders and Syndromes (Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, etc) , Autism, Cleft lip and/or palate, Stuttering, Voice disorders, Infants with difficulty sucking and feeding orally, Language learning difficulty, Paediatric CVA and head injury, Tracheostomy patients.

Speech Therapy
Adult Speech Therapy

Voice and laryngectomy, Cancer of the mouth and throat, Stroke, Head injury, Neurologic diseases (Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease), Dementia, (including Alzheimers Disease), Stuttering, Tracheostomy patients.


Our qualified and well-experienced Speech-Language Therapists provide individualized, comprehensive assessments to both children and adults with communication and or feeding/swallowing disorders. After the assessments, therapy commences with the individual and the family being involved in the process.


We have an excellent record in helping children with speech therapy. We use a holistic approach which includes play-therapy & child-led learning.


We have extensive experience in treating adults with a range of neurological conditions.

First Appointment

All of our patients have to book an appointment to do assessment.


After the successful initial assessment, then the therapy will commence.

“Zwakele was excellent! I can’t say enough good things about her skill set in providing my son therapy. My son is now speaking in full sentences and he comprehends concepts for his age well."

Amanda Grace


"We have been extremely pleased with our son’s progress. Zwakele has really made attempts and was extremely successful working with him as he grew and developed over the years. Zwakele really has a way with kids and it comes natural with her."

Ntokozo Luthuli


"Zwakele was awesome with my granny! She was always so positive and knew when to push her and when not to. My granny used to become very irritable and upset when w efinish her sentences hoping that we are helping, all that was gone when we saw Zwakele's techniques."

Shantal Varathan

Grand Daughter
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